Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's pay day.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet the newest addition to our family, baby Charlie

We rescued him from the RSPCA. He's a little underdeveloped so we're fattening him up nicely ♥

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Engagement ramblings !

Sorry in advance to those who vomit at my gushing!

As mentioned in my last post, I got engaged on Saturday ^.^
Not going to go into huge detail of how it went down, but it was beautiful, I cried like a baby & I can't stop thinking about it.

Right now I have a Claddagh ring as the engagement. It's a beautiful traditional
Irish ring, but it's on my ring finger until we get a diamond ring.

We're in the process of attempting to pre-organise an engagement party. The date we've set for the time beinf (and hope to stick to) is 28/08/2010 which is only about a week after Terry's 22nd birthday! So it's going to be a tricky time to get everything sorted!

In terms of a diamond, I have a veeerrry clear image of what I want (p[oor Terry) and I really wont settle for anything less than what I want. Fair? Sounds bossy but can you imagine having an engagement ring that you weren't happy with ?! Terry 100% understands this and I'm going to get him a matching Claddagh ring because he's always one!

Firstly, I want white gold. Secondly, single Princess cut diamond without obvious claws. Thirdly, a thin band that isn't prominent at all, but not too thin so it makes the ring look top heavy.

Something like this...

But nothing like that all at the same time!

Our venue for the engagement is a complete mystery at this point. A friend of mine had her 21st at a really dweet venue at the start of last month & if they accept outside catering and the price is within our budget then we'll go for it. We want a mix of "normal" hot finger food, along with sushi platters. We've already priced the Sushi and it nonly comes to a few hundred dollars, which is pretty cheap when you're getting over 500 Sushi peices !

Over and out ;)