Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet the newest addition to our family, baby Charlie

We rescued him from the RSPCA. He's a little underdeveloped so we're fattening him up nicely ♥


  1. awww he is so beautiful! and so small.
    is he very friendly?

    my boyfriend and i got a cat from a bunch of disgusting people who mistreated him, and it took awhile for him to trust us and be friendly.


  2. awww gorgeous! its reallly good that you adopted a kitty, rather than buying one from a pet shop! :)

  3. @Paige - he's actually so so friendly. at first when we gave him food he'd just stare at it like he didnt know what to do!

    @Krissy - i know it feels really good :) he's the best <3

  4. Oh babe his so gorgeous! I love his markings and OH MY GAWSH look at his eyes! Eeeep! Just wanna squeesh him together LOL!
    Does he get along with Juno ok?
    Good work on adopting from a shelter hehe, I got my babygirl Missy from one and I totally agree .. Feels so good knowing your saving them and giving them a better home!
    Awwww totally making me want a new kitteh in the house but I don't think Humphrey and Missy would agree !


  5. hi...isnt he just gorgeous...i have 4 cats and have rescued them all..i am cat women lol xxx

  6. too gorgeous for words!!! so good of you to rescue him from the rspca!! :)