Sunday, April 25, 2010

he ate my heart.



  1. Gorgeous much?!

    Red is definitely your colour babe ^^


  2. gabi you look amazing! and wow your hair is crazy long these days! dig it x

  3. thank you stef! and you know what, i was thinking the same about yours the other day! i think we're about the same length. craaaazy, i can't believe my hair actually grew haha!

  4. haha it's such a good feeling when it finally grows! i was convinced mine would never get long again, so glad it has! ha.

  5. Hey babe!
    Lol @ your comment hehe .. Trust me I am a bad influence so if your planning on saving money we probably shouldn't hang out, we'd be broke in no time !
    I don't know what's wrong but I think they should make it a official disease when girls buy to much stuff ! I am slowly learning to buy things I will use though!
    That's awesome that your into journals/stationary/scrapbooking as well ;) we should totally do a mail swap or something even though were in the same state haha ^^ let me know if you'd like too, be pretty cool !
    Oh yeah I am renting at the moment, planning on buying a house in a couple years though ! What about you ? Ohhh and the bed spread I have at the moment if your interested head down to spotlight .. They've got a hella good sale going on at the moment. The rug was $49 down from like $150 bargaiiiinnnn !!


  6. wow you pull off red lips so well! amazing! =)

  7. @Jahnice - I'd totally love to do something like that ! Give me a couple of weeks to round up some awesome stuff & we'll def do a swap!

    Amazing that you're rening & you stuck that on your wall! I'd be too scared to do that. I'm half living at my boyfriends house right now, we're in the middle of applying for a whole heap of places though so we can have our own little pad. I'm growing up! haha

    Oh can you imagine if we went shopping together?! It'd be the worst/best thing ever.
    + thanks for the tip on spotlight, I was actually planning on going during the week to get some new bedding/random house stuff, I had no idea they had a sale!

  8. @Stef, we're pretty awesome huh ? ;)

    @Krissy - thank yooou!

  9. Awesome!!! Well you just let me know when your interested, I am looking forward to it hehehe ^^ here's my email if you want to let me know

    Don't worry about the wall decorations my landlord is amazing, he let's me do what I like to the house as long as it's nothing major haha .. It's always good when you have your own place, but then it's got it's badsides like rent haha

    I love spotlight haha they always have good deals on stuff for the house so I am sure you'll find some good bed spreads, I wanted to bit heaps more but jayv was being a tight ass that day so he took my wallet off me hehe

    Mmmmm I can only imagine what would happen if we went shopping together ! Recession my ass hahaha


  10. I tagged you for an award lovely :)

  11. you have such a perfect facee!! and i absolutely adore your septum piercing :) i want mine doneeee, !!