Sunday, May 2, 2010

I got tagged by the lovely Krissy for this award. I'm on my phone right now so ill fix it later with a link and some pretty pictures.

1. I am addicted to shopping. Online, real life, makeup or clothes (and everything in between) I can justify any purchase.
2. My boyfriend Terry and I have been together for over four years and currently looking for places to move out together. We are also planning to get engaged this year:) He's the best!
3. I am a qualified make up artist and hold a diploma of makeup!
4. I love sushi like no one else! I could eat it all day everyday
5. I work in a call centre for Optus with my best friend Shenoa. It's the best job i've ever had.
6. I plan on learning how to drive manual in order to buy my dream car, an old school Volkswagon Beetle.
7. I love catching the train. I read best when on the train, I like the solitude and people watching.

Have a beautiful night xoxo


  1. hi darling, you won my giveaway! so if you email your address to, i will send you your prizes :) xox

  2. oh wow, i cant believe i won!
    i'll send it right away :D

  3. Hello lovely! I'm a new follower due to finding you from Paige's giveaway.
    Well, I'm having my first ever giveaway as well! Be sure to enter over at my blog!

  4. Hey! The address of the place is 244-246 ballarat rd, braybrook. its right near central west plaza, if you know where that is?
    where do you get your china glazes from? 12.95 thats pretty exxy!

  5. @Krissy - yeah i know where that is. i buy them from HAIR2GO on Elizabeth Street. never again haha

  6. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)