Thursday, October 21, 2010

I, like so many others, have found myself in the most unfortunate role as a customer service representative. To you this means the person on the other end of the phone, answering your generic questions & giving you hearty discounts that you probably won't appreciate (not to generalise). To me, this means sitting at the one desk, with the same people, saying the same things, at the same time - every single week. And the one after, and the one after....

Given that I take little to no pride in my work (sorry, I only pretended to care), I do take pride in my surroundings. After all, I spend more waking hours at my desk than I do quality time with my fiance (or cats). So, naturally, I have a makeup corner. Or shall we call it a vanity corner. A small space on my shelf at work filled with lipstick, emergency pressed powder, Paw Paw ointment, handcream and perfume. Most of what is there stays there. I have my "work pink" lipstick, my many "work nude" lipsticks and so on.

I have recently had a total of 12 days off work given that I have recently had surgery. Today was my first day back (albeit short lived, I crawled home sick after a feeble 53 minutes on the job), and was presented with this:

Although I do not LOVE this lipstick, in fact there have been times that I questioned my purchase, I still do not appreciate dragging my feet over to my desk only to find this waiting for me! It was done by one of my dearest work colleagues and if I didn't love him to death I'd probably be angry.

Thought I ought to share.


  1. awww stars... hahah I love it!

  2. aw that was sweet of him!
    i hope you're well hon xxx

  3. That's so cute! Hope you feel better soon :) x