Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Hair Care Favourites

I can only thank my mother for giving me thick, coarse hair. In actual fact, my hair was never a problem until I bleached it roughly this time last year. And thereafter, being the silly person I am, I never took care of it correctly to prevent major damage. True, it does need a trim at the moment, but failing that my hair has been a real brat lately. Split ends, brittle feel, knots & all round feeling of dryness.

SO I decided to do something about it. And it worked. Quite brilliantly if I might add. THese are my October favourites in hair care.

Schwartzkopt Liquid Silk Gloss - Intensive Shine Gloss

Honestly, the name is a bit of a giggle. But it truly holds it's own considering I bought this in sale rack of a supermarket. I scoop it onto the bottom part of my hair after washing & conditioning and leave in for 1-2 minutes. I was a little skeptical as the package says it will only take 1 minute to work, but you really dont need much longer. And it has the prettiest Rose scent

John Frienda 'Frizz Ease' collection - Shampoo & Conditioner

Oh, did I mention my hair was frizzy too?! This pair works best for 'extra dry hair'. The shampoo is really lathering and you dont need a lot to work up your whole head. Which is a big thing to say and almost everyone says that about Shampoos they like, but this time I mean it! And the conditoner does everything a conditioner should do. Makes your hair feel slimy smooth and takes a good couple of rinses to get out - but boy does it work. And the best part? It actually makes your hair LESS frizzy but doesn't pour a whole lot of moisture into your roots! Hurrah

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo & Heat Protection Spray

These two are my saviours. After truly believing that Batista dry shampoo was my only option & dealing with the induced grey hair & dandruff it brought on, I was brought back down to eath after trying Toni & Guy dry shampoo. NO grey hair, NO build up & it does NOT dry out your scalp! It's quite a cold, almost wet feeling spray, but it makes your hair look like the day 2 of your hair wash regime, which is the best day of all.
The Heat Protection spay is my baby. It has a lovely scent about it & works better than any other I have tried. Overall I have decided not to be shocked that Toni & Guy is being stocked in my local supermarket & decided to embrace the wonderful products they have on offer

And onto my October disappointment:

Nourishing Coconut Conditioner

EHHHHH wrong! There is nothing nourishing NOR conditioning about this product! And worst of all? It doesn't even make your hair smell like coconut! It makes your hair produce that horrible squealing sound when you run your hands through it when it's still wet and everything. What kind of CONDITIONER doesn't condition?! Worst. Fail. AVOID!

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