Thursday, February 11, 2010


  1. Havent had this one, but I've had Roma Water or whatever from Lush, and it did nothing..
    Just becareful about over drying your WHOLE face! If you have a few blemishes, use a cotton tip and dip it in Tea Tree Oil from the chemist/health food/etc and apply it to the affected areas. This is both EFFECTIVE, cheap and non drying!

    I think Lush is more of a place to buy things like bath bombs, not serious skin care.. It's more of a fun place than an actual cure :)

    But yeah, people might disagree with me!

    Also, your forehead my be greasy because maybe you've been using to many acne/oily products? If you over dry your skin, your body will naturally produce more sebum to make up for it! Giving the illusion of oily skin!

  2. @Lorien - I usually use Tea Tree oil with a cotton tip but I've heard good things about this and thought I'd try it out. Never all over though!

    I don't use anything on my face except moisturiser & I exfoliate a few times a week. Most products disagree with me.


  3. I have this :) i bought it as i have very dry skin and on a blog, someone said they spray it, not wipe, onto their face so that the skin is prepared to accept your mpisturiser?? whatever that means! its ok - nothing flash. I did notice when i used it with my boots radiance booster cleanser (with muslin cloth) that it cleared up quite a few white pimples on the sides of my face :) try it out xxx