Monday, February 22, 2010


  1. LOL oh look at the excitement – its written all over you ;) haha

    Good buy for only $2.00

  2. haha your just still in shock from the great bargain, lovely colours :)

  3. omg haha im so confused by your background! it looked like stairs but now it looks like a painting! ahhh lol

    love your septum piercing, and i love eye palettes! i have like a trillion, and they all have the same colours! LOL theyre just good value and i cant say no to them!

  4. @Lorien - It kind of does look like a painting huh. It's stairs :)!
    Thank you! I've had it for years, I literally forget it's there.
    And I'm the same with eyeshadows, I have the 120 pallette which has pretty much everything you need, but I still have a thousand others!