Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair history

So, I warn you. This post is both picture heavy & disastrously hilarious. Enjoy

Start with 2003. This was me at a dress up party at a school camp. I was dressed as Billy from Good Charlotte. I know, I know.

Then over to 2004. Short hair ftw

Short still but discovered the straightener in later 2004. Rockin a purple tint and overcontrasting, as well as embaressing words photoshopped onto my cheek

2005. Discovered home bleach jobs & fudge. As well as lopsided hair

And, again
This is the part in my youth where the older me should have been around the slap in the face. Because this is the time in my life where I thought lots of different colours in my hair would look ~cool~

Exhibit b:
Then to black in 2006

Got myself a sweet fringe

Then didn't cut it for a while

Fringe back

Shorter fringe

Growing out

Decided to grow my hair but keep my poofy fringe

Still growing and blonde! 2007

Had a mid youth crises and cut all my hair off and dyed it black. Bar one tiny bit in my fringe

Home fringe cut, angled ooh la la. 2008

Mass quiff and my brief relationship with hair extensions

Huge hair gap but I decided to grow my hair so you can imagine how thrilling those photos would be. Actually stuck to growing my hair, 2009. Brief encounter with yet another fringe, also

Side fringe

Red hair! Love & miss this

And the present.


  1. Wow good on you for posting this! I did a post exactly like this, and it was a drainer going through tons of photos trying to find the right ones...but the post works out to be amusing in the end :)

  2. HOLY SHIT youve had more hair colours than i have! you look cute in with the extensions! if you lived in adelaide though i guess you'd be called "scene" lol dw my bro used to be scene :)

    i think your hair now looks beautiful, but i think the red looks AMAZING! i love red hair, if i could pull it off i so would have it!! i tried it once, but it went more orangey? i kept it for like a month though lol i just had to make my foundation deeper and more yellow toned!!

  3. Great post! You look great with both long and short hair and I love all the colour changes over the years! Some people have the same hair their whole lives so it's great to see a bit of experimenting with different styles. I love how your hair looks now - it's so shiny! x

  4. Haha, I used to think billy from good charlote was smexy! I used to have a random streak of color through my fringe too back in the day :) this was a fun post, I love your hair now though! I also like it red :) xo

  5. Love your hair dark! Funny post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Aww Gabi this was hilarious.

    I giggled my little heart out at photoshopping words on your face because I too did that back in the day.


    What it is to be young!

    I love dark hair on you, but even the blonde looks sweet - hmm I think you can pull off just about anything my dear, short or long.

    This may sound so cliche' but the dark hair really brings out your eyes.


  7. @Krissy - I actually had fun looking at these photos, they're hilarious !

    @Lorien - Scene? haha nope! I've never been cool enough to be in a 'scene' ;)

    @Lily - thank you m'dear. I quite like myself with short hair but I'm loving my long hair too. One day I will go short again, just not anytime soon

    @NV - thanks darling ^.^

    @Jahnice - oh to be young indeed! And some of these photos aren't even that long ago, oh my.
    Thank you! I like dark hair too but I'm thinking about going about as blonde as I was in that photo. I went a LOT blonder but I couldn't be arsed finding the photos but I think too blonde & I look washed out.

  8. your gorgeous! and you suit every hair colour and shape...im jealous! my fav is the red tho... not many people can get away with it but you pull it off so well!

    love sammy



  9. Awww cute post. Thanks for the follow on my blog btw. My hair history also involves a lot of bleach, colours and cuts! I'll post mine one day. xXx

  10. love this :D
    i think you look soso pretty when your hair is like shoulder length & blonde, i love it!
    good post xx