Monday, January 18, 2010

I don't like new years resolutions but I have some things I really want to achieve this year

-Pay off my credit card, cancel it and burn the motherfucker
-Pay off as much of my loan as possible
-Figure out how much it will cost to buy an old school Buggy & put power steering in it & save for it
-Lose weight-no actual number, I'll know when I'm happy with my body
-Get fit! Excercise at least 2-3 times a week. I'm not going to scare myself with at least 5 days a week.
-Don't let my room be a place where I can throw my shit around, work on keeping my stuff neat & clean
-Do as many photosshoots, short films, catwalks and other various make up jobs as possible to fatten up my folio
-Keep growing my hair but figure out how I can help some of my ends that were ruined when I bleached it. Trimming it didn't seem to help much?
-Don't be so snappy, control my moods a little better. No one likes an angry person, especially me.
-Write more! I don't think I wrote one decent piece last year & that is devastating.
-Join a library. This is something I can literally do tomorrow if I really want to but you know.


  1. owh i want a credit card! but everyone's like "no, no you'll regret it!" haha!
    i want to lose weight too. not so much in numbers, i just want to finally be happy with my body. (i think we should include this in our letters, motivate each other! ^_^)
    i need to grow my hair too, and stop being such an angry person haha.

    i like these resolutions!

  2. that's exactly what i thought when i got my credit card. i though oh yeah, i'll use it one week, pay it the next and the cycle will just continue. it doesn't work like that. if you have self control, you'll be fine :) something i can't say i have ha.

    and yeah, good idea! good to have someone to motivate you, even if it's just through letters!

    thanks darling xo