Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Tennille - you're the reason I started actually using this blog. So thanks!
& I forfeit 'tag seven others' part.

One: I love winter. Some people say they love winter because of the fashion, because of the rain, others just say they enjoy the cold over the hot. I can't pick one reason, I just adore winter. I run hot, always have, even when it's a mild temperature I'm always complaining that it's hot. I love snuggles when it's cold, waking up to the sound of rain, lazing about the house with hot drinks & movies. It's just the best. Dreary days actually make me happy rather than sad.

Two: I hate my fingers. They're double jointed, short and bend the wrong way. I hate showng people my hands though most people don't notice what I hate about them until I point it out. When I was little I used to get upset because I used to to think that when a man proposed to me he would get grossed out by my fingers aha >.< Three: I've had my dog for sixteen years. She's a ginger Pomeranian and we got her a few weeks after I started prep, so I was only 5. She's at the vet today & we think it might be bad news but I don't want to go into it. I can barely remember my life without her, in fact I only have a few select memories that were before we had her so she's very special to me & everyone else.

Four: My heritage is Italian. My father is full Italian & moved here when he was sixteen, my mother is half Italian as her father was full. That makes me 3/4 Italian ha & the brunt of my friend's jokes as I am the token 'wog'. That being said, I hate when people refer to themselves as pasta-eatin wogs who love going to their Nonna's. It's a load of bullshit :)

Five: I finished high school in 2006. I didn't get a great enter score but it most likely had someting to do with the fact that I knew I didn't want to persue a career that cared about an enter score. Though I am happy that Mum made me finish because if I had it my way, I probably wouldn't have bothered. If I had to do it over knowing what I know now, I would try harder & actually attend school more than 3 times a week. But, that being said, I don't regret not trying harder because I'm quite happy being a Makeup artist.

Six: I'm afraid of the dark & afraid of the night. Alot of people are afraid of the dark & alot of people think it's a pile of rubbish but I promise you-I feel fearful every damn night when I turn my light off. I'm scared being the only one awake because the house makes noises. I'm afraid of things getting me in the night, the fact that you can't see in the dark & I'm convinced the world is a different place when the sun goes down. After I saw Paranormal activity (which played on every one of my fears) I lay in bed smooshed up to Terry the entire night & didn't sleep until the sun came up.

Seven: I want to start scrap booking. I have been sticking pictures out of magazines in books all my life and never new that scrapbooking was similar to this. I only just found out what it was a week or so ago when Terry & I went to Spotlight & I saw all the pretty stuff you can use for scrapbooking. I'm not sure what I thought it was but I know I thought it was more arty/drawing related which is something I cannot do to save myself.


  1. interesting facts lovely!
    aww paranormal activity wasn't that bad! during the whole movie cory had his hands over his eyes though! funny :D

    i want to scrapbook too! so fun & creative.
    aw i'm glad you turned your blog into a beauty one, don't worry you'll have more followers soon >_<

  2. Paranormal Activity was so bad! Terry thought it was a load of shit but it scared me so much >.<

    I'm definitely getting into scrapbooking as soon as I get a job, looks like something I'd love doing!