Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart


  1. aww i love her!
    shes so gorgeous but she dresses like a dick in real life haha

  2. she is stunning, the last picture is amazing. her eyes are like wow :D
    i like her attitude, she's so chill. and not all fake & hollywood either xx

  3. @Eliza - i kind of think she looks good in anything but it's good to see someone dressing in whatever! it's a nice change, but i know what you mean haha ;)

    @Ten - i know I love that picture ^.^ i love the way she doesn't know what to say in interviews

  4. I USED to like her, but have you seen the interviews shes done for Twilight? They pay her to promote the movie, and she goes to interview with the worst attitude! Shes so bland, her personality and her looks.

    :) Love your blog though x

  5. @Lorien - The first movie's interviews she was pretty stumbly but the interviews I've seen for New Moon are a lot better. In a way I kind of empathise though, I really could not do the back to back interview thing. But I know what you mean ^.^